Supported Living

Supported Living is a service that helps people with a range of support needs retain their independence, whilst offering that extra physical and emotional support whenever it is needed to help them lead fulfilling lives.

Supported living  is a service with those  with learning disabilities, mental health and those at risk of homelessness . 

The support comes in 3 main levels which are low level, medium and high level support. the levels of support are covered by floating support elements. 

The Supported Living service will be in the following categories;

  1. Semi-independent supported living service (16-17 years old).

 The services is for looked- after- children. The service is designed to provide person-centred support and therapeutic environments that support service users develop independent living skills and prepare them for adulthood and independent living.

We support  young people  by planning and delivering their support around Every Child Matters 5 outcomes framework (Department for Education and Skills (DfES); 2004). The 5 outcomes are:

  • Being Healthy so that they are physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually healthy, have healthy lifestyles and choose not to take illegal drugs.
  • Staying Safe from maltreatment, neglect, violence, sexual exploitation, accidental injury and death, bullying and discrimination, crime and anti-social behaviour in and out of school, have security and stability and are cared for.
  • Enjoying and achieving so that they are ready for school, attend and enjoy school, achieve stretching national educational standards at primary and secondary school, achieve personal and social development and enjoy recreation.
  • Making a Positive Contribution so that they engage in decision-making, support their community and environment, engage in law-abiding and positive behaviour in and out of school, develop positive relationships, choose not to bully and discriminate, develop self-confidence, successfully deal with significant life changes and challenges and develop enterprising behaviour.
  • Achieving Economic Well-being so that they engage in further education, employment or training on leaving school, are ready for employment, live in decent homes and sustainable communities, have access to transport and material goods, live in households free from low income.

Mentoring and coaching activities will underpin the support provided to the service users.

2.Care leavers supported living inc floating support (18- to 25-year-olds) 

 The service is designed to help younger adults  to support younger adults adapt to adulthood and navigate the challenges of adulthood and to set a foundation for success and contribution to society.

We support service users leaving care to:

  • Find own accommodation as they move from our supported lodgings accommodation service
  • Maintain their tenancy
  • Manage their money
  • Continue with education
  • Find work or training
  • Maintain their health and well-being
  • Build confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem

Mentoring and coaching activities will underpin the support provided to the young adults. 

3.  Adults with learning disabilities  , Autism, mental health  (18+ year-olds )

We support adults with mild to moderate disabilities to:

  • Live as independently as possible
  • Undertake activities of daily living they struggle to do
  • Maintain their health and well-being
  • Maintain their safety
  • Participate in society and make a positive contribution
  • Engage in educational and/or occupational activities

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