Skills development of children with disabilities

Learning Disabilities

A learning disability affects the way a person learns new things throughout their life.

A learning disability is different for everyone. No two people are the same.

A person with a learning disability might have some difficulty:

  • understanding complicated information
  • learning some skills
  • looking after themselves or living alone

What having a learning disability can mean

A learning disability is different for everyone. Lots of people who have a learning disability can work, have relationships, live alone and get qualifications.

Other people might need more support throughout their life.

Support for people with a learning disability and family carers

Doctors and other health workers might be able to tell if a person has a learning disability when they are very young. But some people get a diagnosis later in their lives. This can be when they are adults.

If you are diagnosed with a learning disability, you might be referred to other health professionals to get the support you need.

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