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Live-in care

When older people begin to need help with daily activities most families prefer the option of continuing to live in their own home rather than having to move into a care home.

Live-in care gives elderly people and elderly couples the ability to continue to live independently at home, safe in the knowledge that 24 hour care is on hand from a trained carer to help with anything from companionship, cooking, cleaning through to personal care, medication management or more complex support for specialist conditions such as dementia care, Parkinson’s care or post stroke care. The service also offers genuine continuity of care given that the carer resides in the client’s home on a weekly basis, ensuring that companionship and friendship are a key part of the service.

How is live-in care different?

Live-in care has many advantages over receiving hourly care at home or moving into a residential care home. Not only is your loved one able to continue to enjoy the surroundings and lifestyle with which they are familiar, especially important when living with a condition such as dementia, but they also receive continuity of care enabling them to build a trusted relationship with their carer.

24 hour care at home is uniquely tailored to the needs of each family with a plan of care developed around your daily routines and the outcomes you wish to achieve. Care is provided by two professional, trained carers who will typically rotate on a 1 or 2 week shift pattern. They are matched to your needs and always introduced before care begins.

Unlike most live-in care providers we offer a local service which is managed, supported and quality assured from our local offices. This includes our local care management team carrying out weekly support visits to ensure the client and carer are happy.

Live in care is also a cost effective option compared to residential care homes, particularly for couples who would otherwise be required to pay for two beds in a care home or nursing home.


How is live-in care managed?

Our live-in care service is provided by two professional, trained and locally supported home carers typically rotating on a week-on / week-off basis. This not only ensures genuine continuity of care and the opportunity to build a trusted relationship for the client, but also sufficient rest for the carer.

Importantly, our local care management team visits our clients and home carers in the home on a weekly basis to ensure the package is working well – this is a key differentiator vs. many national providers who are not always able to do this.

Our local care management team also undertakes regular monitoring of the care we provide through our leading quality assurance processes – this includes an initial review after the first 4-weeks, formal reviews at least every 6 months, annual feedback questionnaires and ongoing monitoring of any concerns, events or issues. We also invest a huge amount of time in training, supervising, developing and supporting our home carers which is key to enabling them to provide the highest quality care.

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